In & Out: Outhouse Stout

In & Out: Outhouse Stout ‘Outhouse Stout’ Tee The old adage remains true. “It goes in one end and right out the other.” Am I right, or am I right? This says it all, people! We know beer is necessary. Whether barbecuing in the backyard, or working outside on a hot day; whether sitting in […]

Naughty Mother Nature?

  Naughty Mother Nature? ‘I Like to Watch the Hatch’ Tee Can you turn away? Should you look away? The ‘PG’ rating is this: A pic that reminds you of Mother Nature at its finest. You know…that blessed ‘circle of life’ stuff where creatures keep ‘buzzing’ so habitats can thrive, and generations of their species […]

Corner Stone Coffee House & Deli

  While driving this past week through South Dakota across hwy 90.  I needed a Breve and a place to work. At Mitchell, South Dakota  we made a great discovery, The Corner Stone Coffee House & Deli. A great setting with fast wifi and lots of natural light.   I had the tomato soup.  It […]