This Summer the RV Gets an A+

When it comes to summer vacation (and vacation plans for the fall, by the way) it is a fact that almost *80% of Americans are planning to get in their RVs and hit the highways for a road trip in 2017. (*Statistics provided from AAA). No, it’s not just those who love to camp, or hunt, or fish, or be a part of the Great Outdoors – choosing the RV comes from low gas prices, great weather, and being provided with some of the coolest places on the map to visit.

A Sport Where You Feel the Thrill Without Going to the Extreme

There are many sports “fanatics” out there who literally dive head-first into an extreme sport in order to get their adrenaline pumping – taking on a sport that comes hand-in-hand with a monumental amount of risk. But for those who are not interested in being scared to death, yet wish to feel the thrill, data has shown that zip lining has become the sport that millions are now experiencing worldwide. From riding down the “wild” Fremont Street in Vegas and watching those flashing neon lights; to zipping over the stunning beaches and crystal blue waters of Hawaii; to soaring over the wild jungles of Sri Lanka without having to worry about the risk, zip lining allows you the opportunity to glide through the sky with ease.

From Mild to Wild: The Top Three Whitewater Rivers in the U.S.

Although there are arguably many stunning locations for fans to explore – from Nenana River in Alaska to Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania – there are always three rivers that rate the highest when it comes to experiencing the most thrilling whitewater rafting in the United States.

Marine Worms in St Augustine

  Marine Worms in St Augustine     By Trish Elliott   One of the many activities for the entire family in St. Augustine, FL, is to enjoy the 43 miles of pristine beaches.  Zach McKenna and his staff of naturalists and marine experts, of Ecotours of St. Augustine,  offer fascinating and detailed adventures to examine […]

Now is the Time for the Ultimate Sporting Lodge

  Now is the Time for the Ultimate Sporting Lodge   When people think about the ultimate sporting lodge, the image of a small, wooded area located in Ireland or England still comes to mind. And it’s no wonder. Country sports in these areas are taken as a priority, not as a vacation. Hunters can […]

All good things must come to an end…

All good things must come to an end…   Shelby and I had a stunning time on St. Simon’s Island; the thrilling memories of the King and Prince Resort will literally be imprinted on our brains forever.   Seeing as that it was our final day and night at the King and Prince Beach & […]

Mom & Her Boys!

Mom & Her Boys!   Even the thought of the dreaded ‘family vacation’ makes Mom and Dad’s hearts race, knowing what agony can occur if the two kids decide they just aren’t happy with the place you picked out. But…the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort was truly a ‘winner!’   The fun began […]

The Perfect Palace for the Perfect Couple!

The Perfect Palace for the Perfect Couple!   As Bert and I head back to St. Simon’s Island, both of us are feeling absolute giddy. (And that ain’t easy when you’re seventy and the arthritis ‘gods’ have visited). But to us, this trip is like coming home. For the past fifteen years we’ve traveled to […]

Adventures On the Gorge

Adventures On the Gorge By Robin Broughton Fun on the New River Zipping at high speed from treetop to treetop … Crossing a swinging bridge high above the canyon … Climbing a rope ladder some 40 feet off the ground … Scaling a rock wall all the way to the top … These are all […]

Shelby and I Take a Walk Through History…And the Oleander Room!

Shelby and I Take a Walk Through History…And the Oleander Room!   The wedding is over. The ‘I Do’s’ are done and the ceremony was absolutely stunning at the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort. The harpist played as the aisle of flowers looking out over the Atlantic Ocean led my best friend to […]