THE Dining Experience Occurs Only at the King and Prince Resort!

There is a place…a paradise, if you will, centered in a locale that’s name is perfectly suited to the ambiance. The place: The Golden Isles. Off the coast of Georgia lies St. Simon’s Island and the King and Prince Beach & Golf  Resort and, quite frankly, the elegance and the ‘5-star’ service outweighs any ‘royal […]

The Hampton Club is Steeped in History

There is one thing that the most magical locations in the world all have in common, and that is the aura – the feeling that literally clings to the surface of historical sites whether they be battlefield or sunken ship – reminding us of what once was. What I mean by this, plain and simple, […]

Cap Fendig & Lighthouse Trolleys A Must Do on St Simons

  Over the past few weeks we have been bringing you ‘tales’ from St. Simons Island. Beginning with the incredible, King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, other businesses and unique history have been highlighted. Readers have been introduced to the ‘faces’ that make up the stunning island of St. Simons; the people who add […]

While Visiting St Simons, Stop by the 4th of May

Another ‘Can’t Miss’ While Staying at the King and Prince   The King and Prince Resort is a stunning location that more and more people are ‘chomping at the bit’ to visit. In fact, it seems that everyone has been running to the website in order to make sure that their dream vacation – not […]

Shrimp & Grits in a Tasso Cream Sauce

Southern Culinary Traditions   Shrimp and Grits…most northerners might cringe at the thought of eating such a thing, at least I did.  That was until I experienced one of the most exquisite and memorable meals in my life at the King & Prince Beach and Golf Resort.  Shrimp and Grits, from the Kings Tavern have […]

The Stunning Scenery of the Golden Isles is Unmatched

The stunning scenery of the Golden Isles is unmatched; the vibrant sunrises and sunsets that are experienced would’ve caused even Claude Monet to set down his easel and take out his brushes.   St. Simons Island is a one of those majestic places that’s steeped in the richness of nature, the entertainment that comes from […]

14,000 Miles for Alzheimer’s Lewis Colam will Row

We have spoken about the amazing King and Prince Resort in many articles over the past few months. We have spoken about the amazing members of their incredibly gifted staff. We have spoken about the luxury that each and every room provides. We‘ve presented you with the lasting images of the glorious scenery that involves […]

The Surf. The Sand. The Life!

The Surf. The Sand. The Life! Romance Comes Alive on St. Simons Island!   Mother Nature offers a pretty cold picture right about now, and all anyone can think of is the surf against the shore, as the moonlight illuminates the most romantic place on earth. By making your reservations for the Just Beachy Package, […]

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort is the Only Vacation to Take!

Incredible History, Majestic Views – A Truly Outstanding Experience!    Readers, this week we are going to begin an extremely amazing journey with The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort.  We all know that 2011 was a bit difficult for most, but beginning 2012 by speaking about the most luxurious paradise that exists in […]

Have Fun: Don’t forget your pants

  On the very first day of a new year, I like to do something ~memorable.  For several years I have participated in some sort of Polar Bear Plunge.  You know, jumping into icy cold water with other crazy souls to “refresh the spirit”. I had just arrived back in Montana two days earlier from […]