Propane vs. Gas: The Camper’s Debate

Although they say every “opinion” is worth about two cents nowadays (and if you’re career happens to be in politics it’s worth even less) there are some definite facts that come along with choosing what is easier and better, between propane and gas, to use in the Great Outdoors.

The Stars in the Sky Are Part of the Adventure

   by Jimmy Ruffler Hikers, campers – even hunters – will speak about the passion they have for the star-filled skies. No, this is not about romance (although some on a relaxing vacation with their significant other may disagree.) Stargazing is actually a hobby for people who love the Great Outdoors. There are even two […]

Camp Improvements

Camp Improvements The demands of everyday life can really limit our free time. For this reason, marketing manager for Mossy Oak BioLogic and Nativ Nurseries, Jesse Raley, shed some light on early-season camp improvements. “You don’t want to show up to camp to plant your food plots or go on that first hunt and have […]

Solstice Spells Summer

  Solstice Spells Summer   Ah…the summertime. That perigee moon was up there this weekend and literally felt as if it was crashing into Earth, it was so bright. The animals, as all hunters and outdoor lovers know, acted more than a bit odd, and the moonrise got everyone in the mood for heading outdoors […]

A View At Rat Lake

Rat Lake is a very easy Mile and half round trip hike in the Gallitin Valley. To get to the Rat Lake Trail head,  go south on hwy 191 from 4 corners 16 miles to Storm Castle Road.  From there drive 6.8 miles to the trail head,  Also on this drive you will encounter two […]

Hike The “M” Bozeman Montana

The “M” Trail is at the south end of Bridger Canyon, on Baldy Mountain in Bozeman. You can see theMassive  “M”  from several miles away, it is 250 ft of rocks painted white, and was built by Montana State Students in 1915. To get there from downtown Bozeman, head north on North Rouse Avenue 4.2 […]

Siesta Key Photo Essay. Afternoon of 2.16.2012

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on Siesta Key.  Lots of folks swimming, playing volley ball and just chillin in the sand.                                                            

Corner Stone Coffee House & Deli

  While driving this past week through South Dakota across hwy 90.  I needed a Breve and a place to work. At Mitchell, South Dakota  we made a great discovery, The Corner Stone Coffee House & Deli. A great setting with fast wifi and lots of natural light.   I had the tomato soup.  It […]

Christmas Morning on Siesta Key, Florida

Started the day early to sit on the beach drinking Mimosa’s to welcome the dawn.  Got to the beach before the light of day.  There were only two other cars in the parking lot on this morning.  As we strolled across the sand with cups in hand to toast the dawn others arrive, with the same idea […]

Madison River Buffalo Jump

Early June one Sunday Morning, we went for a drive and end up at the Madison River Buffalo Jump. Early June is a great time to go hike up the cliffs and make the loop through the park. When buffalo roamed the plains, native people followed  seasonal patterns influenced by the lifecycles of plants, spawning […]