Storm Castle Peak

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Storm Castle Peak is an awesome climb of 2,300 feet in 3 miles. This rocky peak stands above the valley floor at 7,170 feet, offering stunning views of Gallatin Canyon.  The hike up through meadows of floors and thick forest offers sweeping 360 degree views.   Some of the other Mountain Ranges and views from […]

Bear Brunch

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While in the Forest this past weekend a Yearling Black Bear Cub walked up with in 20 to 25 feet of us and started tearing the bark off of tree looking for breakfrast.  We shot the amazing 3 and half minutes of video, and then it just wandered off just like it appeared.  Hope you […]

Mule Deer Fawn On The Run

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On another outing this past week, walk along a small stream, I awoke this beautiful fawn from it slumber. As it decided to leave the area, I watch in awe at its grace and beauty.                                        

A Flock of White Pelican’s

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While out fishing a local River, I walk up upon this flock of White Pelicans resting upon a gravel bar.  As I approached to make another cast to rising trout, I noticed they were getting a little nervous, so set down the rod and grabbed the camera.                 […]

A View At Rat Lake

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Rat Lake is a very easy Mile and half round trip hike in the Gallitin Valley. To get to the Rat Lake Trail head,  go south on hwy 191 from 4 corners 16 miles to Storm Castle Road.  From there drive 6.8 miles to the trail head,  Also on this drive you will encounter two […]

Drinking Horse Mountain, Hike

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Drinking Horse Mountain is a great quick hike or an awesome morning run. The views are great, lots of benches and a picnic table at the top to hang out and have lunch, coffee, or just gaze at the view. To get there from downtown Bozeman, head north on North Rouse Avenue 4.2 miles to […]

Hike The “M” Bozeman Montana

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The “M” Trail is at the south end of Bridger Canyon, on Baldy Mountain in Bozeman. You can see theMassive  “M”  from several miles away, it is 250 ft of rocks painted white, and was built by Montana State Students in 1915. To get there from downtown Bozeman, head north on North Rouse Avenue 4.2 […]

With the Good Comes the Bad! Tales of a Hiking Excursion…

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With the Good Comes the Bad! Tales of a Hiking Excursion…   Hiking. There are some who will salivate over the image that is created by that word, especially when the hiking would begin in Estes Park – the stunning gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. The idea of hiking in such beauty is a […]

A World of Enchanting Spirits is Found at the Silverado Vineyards!

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A World of Enchanting Spirits is Found at the Silverado Vineyards!   Some of the most amazing wines and spirits in the world are found at the most elegant resort in this nation. Yes, we are speaking about the King and Prince Resort, which has been highlighted in so many areas – everything from a […]

Ponce de Leon And The Fountain of Youth

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It was back in the 16th Century when a story first appeared. Well…to be fair it was actually stated far earlier in other countries, by gods, goddesses, philosophers, and so on. The Fountain of Youth was legend far before Ponce de Leon was brought into the mix, but America ‘captured’ that particular explorer and it’s […]